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FireShot Pro Screen Capture #680 - 'Sales and Traffic' - sellercentral_amazon_com_gp_site-metrics_report_html_ref=ag_sitereport_cont_home#&cols=_c0_c1-orange_c2_c3_c4_c5_c6_c8_c10_c12&sortColumn=1&filterFromDAre you selling your own brand of physical products on Amazon using Amazon FBA (fullfillment by amazon) and looking to grow your business?  Looking for coaching or consulting services or amazon seller software tools to increase your sales?  Then this post is for you today…

Due to a lot of people asking me about this on facebook and email, I have decided to create this post talking a bit about my Amazon Selling Coaching services and Propriety Amazon Selling Software tools that I have and that I plan on making available to the public soon.

For those of you who don’t know yet – in addition to my internet marketing and coaching businesses, I also have a pretty successful e-commerce/amazon business, since 2013, where I sell my own brand of nutritional products. I market these products mainly on Amazon, but also on my own ecommerce website, and also supply to a few US based retail stores. I do about $50,000 to $100,000 per month in gross sales with this business.  I started this amazon FBA business model after joining Amazing Selling Machine (ASM).  You can read more about my journey and check proof of my earnings at this post here.

Because I love teaching and helping people, I have decided to start sharing some of my techniques and strategies in the form of private coaching and consulting.  In addition to this, I also plan to open up my private amazon seller software tools to my students and other fellow amazon sellers, so that they can also benefit from this.  Below is a quick outline of my current coaching services and about my software, if you want to know more about that and how it can help your business:

Amazon FBA Seller Consulting:

Who is this for? 

Somebody who has already gone through the ASM training, knows the basics and technical side of things, and just starting their product. Or somebody who has started selling already, but haven’t had success yet.  Basically this once off consultation is perfect for you if you make less than $25,000 per month on amazon and want increase your business quickly for the short term and long term.

What is being offered?

I am offering a 1-on-1 evaluation of your current amazon business, and then offer a personal consultation to you to increase your business.

How this would work –  First, you fill in a short questionaire about your current amazon fba business, and where you currently stand and earn. After that, I do a quick interview with you via skype message, or email, to ask you more questions about your business, your basic strategy or plan for your business, goals, targets etc.

Then, I carefully evaluate your business,  and where it currently stands, and work out a personalized plan, with tips, strategies and actionable steps, for you to move forward, to increase your sales for the short term and long term. I give you everything you need to dramatically increase your business.

This Consultation is via reports, personal videos, and chats on skype message and includes:

– Faults or problems with your current strategy, products etc, and give you advice on how to overcome those obstacles or faults to increase your sales.

– A plan for you to follow to maximize the growth of your business, based on your own personal goals, time available, and capital that you have available.

– Exact steps that you need to follow to achieve these goals, and an action plan to increase your sales.  I make it very step by step and easy to follow.

– Critique on your current or planned choice of category, products and supplier, to make sure you are on the right track.

– A critique on your title, description, bullet points, images, and tell you how you need to change this to MAXIMIZE your conversions and sales. I give you examples as well or sometimes even write this for you.

– Insider strategies and tools that only a select few big sellers know of. These tips and tools will guarantee you to skyrocket your sales.

After I have given you this whole plan, I will have a follow up chat with you about this plan, and hear what you think of it.  Then based on your feedback, I can give you more tips and perhaps change the plan to better suit your needs.  Then, after this, you have one more chance to consult with me, after you have implemented all or some of the strategies I laid out for you. In this follow up consultation we can chat about where you currently are, how its working for you, and give you advice, if needed, on how to change your strategy to maximize your results.

PRICE OF CONSULTATION (includes all above)

Normal Price $5000. Only for ASM Members: $997 (once-off, NO recurring fees)



I will refund 100% of your money if you sales amount or business has not increased, after implementing all the strategies that I laid out for you. 30-day refund period.


CONTACT ME:   via email: bertuseng[at] or add me on SKYPE: bertuseng


Amazon FBA Seller Coaching/Mentorship:

Who is this for? 

Somebody who is in need of ongoing help, advice, consulting, mentorship and partnership to guarantee their success with their amazon business.  Many amazon sellers realize that its difficult to be very successful in this business, on your own, and therefor partner up with more experienced sellers so that they have a partner who they can rely on and hold them accountable.  But giving away 50% of your business for such a partnership is a lot. Especially if your business is going to become very big! You can potentially giveaway hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to your partner, where you could easily learn to do it yourself, and hire people below you, so that you keep 100% of the profits of your business and the equity.

Partner with ME, and get me as your own personal Mentor and Coach who will “hold your hand” and make sure you succeed.  I make up to $100,000 per month with my amazon and internet marketing business, and can help you to do the same.

What is being offered?

Basically I offer you exactly the same as in the consulting model above, but I also offer my ongoing 1-on-1 coaching and support, to make sure you continue to increase your business.  You have unlimited access to me, personally via skype messages, email/ fb etc. I share all my most insider secrets and tips and tools, to make sure you continue to succeed and build your business faster than you could possibly think. I teach you exactly how I run my own business, and how to scale this to infinity.

How this would work:

This mentorship will start exactly as the consultation model above.  I interview you, and evaluate your business. Then I work out a personalized action plan and strategy for you to increase your business and scale it quickly.  After this I continue to follow up with you periodically to make sure you are on the right track and help you to overcome any obstacles you might face in the future.  You have full 1-on-1 access to me on skype and can ask me any questions or for any help you might need. I am available for you for the hard decisions that you cannot make on your own.  I will also provide ongoing advice on new products, suppliers, categories and provide trainings, videos etc. that can help you have more success. I share everything with you that works for my business, and show you exactly what to do to succeed.

What is included:

– Full evaluation and Consultation as explained in Consultation model above. ($5000 value)

– Regular follow up chats to see how we can improve your business.

– Full 1-on-1 access to me and all my knowledge and experience. I share everyting with you, and you can ask me for as much help, advice etc. as you want. Overcome any obstacles this way, as you have a partner in me.

– Regular expert insider trainings, videos, consulations where i share all my secrets, tests, new software etc, to skyrocket your success.

– FREE ACCESS to all my propriety software tools.

– FREE ACCESS to my Mastermind groups on Skype and Facebook, to meet and chat with like minded students.

PRICE OF COACHING (includes all above)

Normal Price $5000/month., but…

Only for ASM Members:

ONCE OFF: $3997! [life-long access, no recurring fees]


You can choose the payment terms.  You either pay the $3997 once off, for life long access, or sign up on a recurring month to month basis for $997 monthly.


I will refund 100% of your money if your sales amount or business has not increased, after implementing all the strategies that I laid out for you. 30-day refund period.


CONTACT ME:   via email: bertuseng[at] or add me on SKYPE: bertuseng



These are still a work in progress and is in alpha testing phase. Its not open to the public yet. At this stage, I use it for my own business only.  I am planning to open it up in the next month or two, to the public for beta testers.  It will all have a monthly fee to use this suite of tools.  All my coaching members will get access to all these tools and future tools of mine for FREE.

Amazon Keyword Tracking Tool:


-This software app can track all your amazon ranking for all your products for multiple keyword phrases.

– It also shows in columns if and by how much your ranking has improved in the last day, week, or month.

– It Tracks BEST SELLER RANK and KEYWORD RANKING for all your products.

– It shows the GRAPHS to show how your ranking changed during specific timeframe.

– More features to come!

This software has a lot of features that no other softwares of its kind have, and is a must have for everyone who wants to stay competitive.


Amazon Sales and Profit Tracker:


– This app tracks all your daily sales for each of your products.

– It works out your amazon fees for each product. You enter your cost for each product and it works out your daily, weekly etc. sales and net profits!

– You can see your exact profits for each product, and see which products are performing well, and which not.  No more guessing!

– It displays in columns – amount of sales for selected time period, % of sales and $ amount for each product, total sales amount, $ amount etc.

– It also shows GRAPHS of selected time period to display your sales amount, and value, and also your PRICE CHANGES. This is very cool, as you can see how lowering and increasing your sales price affected your sales amount per day.

– The app SENDS YOU AN EMAIL daily and weekly, giving you a summary of your sales for each product and how much profits you made.

– More features getting added!

This software is a must have for any serious seller, especially those with multiple listings, as it provides data that amazon does not show you easily, and it can save you tons of time getting a good overview of your business, to help improve it.


These software tools are not available to the public yet, but if you want more info about it, let me know!


CONTACT ME:   via email: bertuseng[at] or add me on SKYPE: bertuseng





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