[$513,340 in 12 months] Best Amazing Selling Machine 2014 Bonus & Review & PROOF!

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NOTE - the post below is for education purposes only. The bonuses are not available anymore and the links are also not live.  Our latest bonus package, for Amazing Selling Machine 5, which is much better, is located at this blog post here:   ==> http://bertusengelbrecht.com/why-some-amazing-selling-machine-members-make-5k-and-some-50kmonth-free-bonuses/  [also expiring soon]

Today, I have something incredible to share with my subscribers and followers, so I hope you read every word of this post and watch the videos below, as this can seriously change your life just as it did mine…

Just 12 months ago, Oct, 2013, after watching the FREE VIDEOS of a training program called Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), I started a brand new business, unlike anything I have heard of or tried before, and in less than 5 months after that I was earning over $80,000 per month with that business model!

The best thing about this business model is that its a REAL BUSINESS, that you can sell one day!  Also its pretty much a PASSIVE INCOME business model. I hardly spend time on this anymore, leaving me more time to spend with my family, new baby, and my other business ventures!

Remember, I had no previous experience selling on Amazon, and had no special skills that helped me.  I simply followed the step by step program, and I have never looked back! This is one of the reasons why I truly believe in this training, it gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed!

The program only opens up twice a year, and this week the Amazing Selling Machine training program is launching again, and its only open for 1 week, before it closes down again.  Existing students have made over 150 MILLION DOLLARS in sales over the last few years following this program, and most of them don’t even have any experience!

Watch my VIDEO BELOW to see how I made $513,340.06 in 12 months and where I show you the inside of my Amazing Selling Machine Business, and give you a review of it:




My Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Package for 2014 [Almost $8000 in value)

To make this a no-brainer for you, if you decide to invest in this business, I have put together an awesome BONUS DEAL for you, to help you succeed. I truly believe that this is the BEST AMAZING SELLING MACHINE BONUS out there!

Don’t get fooled by other affiliates selling Amazing Selling Machine with massive bonuses of tens of thousands of dollars.  Most of these people havent even made a dime selling on amazon, and most of the products they are giving away as bonuses wont help you in your business. My bonus package and coaching will help you succeed faster than any other ASM students that start with you. You would be able to get a head start on everyone and make a lot more money a lot quicker. Remember if you want to get these bonuses from me, you HAVE to buy through one of my links on this page.

Skype me if you have any questions about these bonuses. You can add me on SKYPE: bertuseng


1. Unlimited 1-on-1 assistance/coaching From Bertus Engelbrecht on skype. ($2997 value)

I sold more than $500k in 1 year following this model, and am willing to help you fast track your success, with unlimited 1-on-1 assistance via skype.  I can personally help you with:

-Overcoming any obstacles you face in the training

-Giving you insider techniques, traffic techniques and tricks to fast track and guarantee your success

-Help you choose the right categories, products, and suppliers, designers. This will make everything 100 times easier for you!

-Giving you any support or help that you might need!


2.  Group Coaching/ Masterminding Bonus ($997 value)

This skype mastermind room is an invaluable resource, as you can connect with previous successfull ASMers, and we continuesly give new insider tips and techniques we learned. Here you will learn what other big sellers dont want to tell you!  We have some insider strategies, that ONLY US know about and share in this group.  You can now also get in on this!


2. Step by step Video Training revealing my Category, Products that I am selling, Suppliers that you can use etc. [NEVER SEEN BEFORE] ($1499 value)

This training video with pdfs reveal everything you need to know to get started without wasting a ton of time on product research, supplier research, etc.  I tell you which products sell best, which products I am selling, and even which Suppliers to use, to get your product selling faster than your other competitors.  There are NO other people who are willing to share what I am sharing here.  Only a handful of successful Amazing Selling Machine members or coaches will reveal their own products and suppliers.  I want to make sure you succeed, and this is the easiest way to follow in my footsteps!  I tell you what to do, so you only have to do it. No thinking involved!


4.  A TOP SECRET Audio training, revealing the category XXXXX [$397 value]

I teach you how to get into this, and how to start selling here quickly for big bucks, overcoming any obstacles you may face.  Many other ASMers are afraid of selling in this category, but this is where the big bucks lie, if you know what to do. I teach you everything you need to know!


5. All my products and Software tools for FREE to skyrocket your business! [$1997]

As an ecourse and software creator and marketer, I have launched over 30 Internet Marketing products through the years, and as an INSIDER student of mine, you will get ALL of these products for FREE!  These products contain very useful products to help you build lists that you can market to, get traffic to your offers, how to use facebook for your business, and also softwares to skyrocket your traffic!  This Amazing Selling Machine Bonus on its own is worth the price of ASM4.


How to claim this bonus?  Simply order from any of the links on this page, and contact me on skype: bertuseng, or email: bertuseng[at]gmail.com, after you have done so, and I will make sure you get all your bonuses!



Add me on skype: bertuseng, and I can chat to you and help you decide if this is for you.

Want to order and claim your FREE bonuses ?

old link not avaiable anymore.


After ordering, please contact me for your bonuses.



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