5 Key About Page Elements That Will Capture More Readers

For some marketers, and this may include you, creating a killer, effective About page wasn’t high on the list. Here’s something that may seem counter to what you think a good About page is all about.

Key #1: No. It’s not about you; it’s about “them.”

Just like everything else in your marketing and advertising – overall. That means most of your About page needs to be about “them” – your audience, your readers. Yes, some readers may actually want to know some things about you or your business.

So you still have to answer the ever-present, unspoken question…

This – right here! This is the goal; what you crave and desire.

The Goal – What You Crave & Desire


What do you have for me (the reader).

Hit it right up front, in the beginning. Answer the question. Tell them what big problem you can solve for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or a service; just want an opt-in and have lots of terrific information to offer.

Key #2: Serve-up meat and potatoes. Or…

Very clearly explain how you plan to help them. Not in a sales letter approach. Be concise in telling them how you accomplish solving the big problem.

Can you help them grow their business; expand into new markets; get more leads, etc?

Great, well give them a 30 second elevator pitch about how you’ll do it.

Key #3: Lots of cred; a must-have.

Cred = Credibility. You can only work with what you have. If you’re lacking in the cred department, get into details to highlight your strengths. Never pad your cred because you may get “found out” which will be a bummer.


You want to see credibility, and proof of it, when you’re the reader. I do, we all do and it’s perfectly legit and understandable.

Key #4: Help them and yourself. Links, please!

You’ve hooked them on you and what you can do for them. Next, tell them what they need to do, first – what they need to read on your site. Tell them why it’ll be great and helpful for them; then link to your content.

For those who know about on-page SEO and internal linking, that’s part of what this is. It’s not gaming anything, for those of you who hate SEO. This is 100% legit and helpful.

You can link to the posts or articles that you know are the most popular. And hey, why not tell them it’s the most popular? Then link out to it.

Key #5: You do have a personality, use it.

Yes, you may cringe at this point, but you cannot escape how important this can be. At the end of the day, people want to connect with people.

I don’t know who this guy is, but he has personality.

Example of personality (a bit tame but you get the idea.)


Do you know that very many people prefer doing business with other people they like? Sad (maybe), unfair (maybe) – but it’s true.

So, do this…

Use a picture of yourself; very highly recommended. Make it appropriate to your market and audience.

Smile in the pic.

Write your About page with some personality in it. This is also how you can start working on creating and marketing your brand. Again, only you know what will be appropriate, how far you can go, etc.

But, please – avoid being clinical and sterile; like a robot or software program wrote it.

Concluding advice…

Don’t forget to include some kind of call to action. Best to avoid any kind of clickable button, though.

Use a verbal call to action. Yes, people still need to be told what to do, and you can magically tell them what you want them to do. So do it.

If you need some inspiration, and who occasionally doesn’t, then Google your competitors and check-out their About page. There’s a good chance the first page of the SERPS will have some good tips you can borrow.


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