Top 20 OTHER Online Marketplaces (not amazon or ebay) for selling your physical products

marketplaces_ibg98qhh9aalluEveryone knows that and ebay are two of the biggest online marketplaces, and if you have a physical products business, chances are you are selling on one of these.

…but because these online marketplaces are so BIG, you have probably not even considered that there are tons of other biggish online marketplaces as well to list your products!

So what better way to increase your overall sales, and diversify your traffic channels then to list your products on some of the other online marketplaces as well!

Simply choose some of the sites below, that are best geared for your type of product (do searches), and then list your products. If you have an amazon business, you can easily manually fullfill your orders through amazon FBA, if you sell on these marketplaces. Or some of your suppliers might even be able to ship directly to them.

Listing on these marketplaces are easy, quick and in many cases FREE, so take advantage of these now, and let me know your results!

Check out these 20 online marketplaces that you can get your product listed on today in addition to Amazon and eBay:

  • – the famous retail giant offers an online marketplace where you can list your products for sale.
  • – an expansive online marketplace that receives a lot of traffic.
  • – the second largest online only retailer in the U.S. now has its own marketplace.
  • – the largest online marketplace for handmade and vintage items.
  • – a Dutch auction site that offers a fixed-price marketplace as well.
  • – a free marketplace operating specifically with the small business owner in mind.
  • – a fixed fee of $10 a year allows access to list at this marketplace.
  • – a well-traveled commission based marketplace.
  • – a free marketplace that offers customizable online stores to retailers.
  • – a sales commission based online marketplace with a social community theme.
  • – a free classified marketplace that allows for unlimited ad postings.
  • – a free marketplace geared toward sellers of handmade products.
  • – a self-billed online catalog of products that has a marketplace for sellers.
  • – a free marketplace that provides an online store and shopping cart to sellers.
  • – like the name suggests, a marketplace geared toward sellers of handmade items.
  • – a fixed price marketplace for handmade goods, fine art, vintage items and crafting supplies.
  • – a marketplace that seeks to connect vendors with buyers in niche markets.
  • – a marketplace that has both set price and auction options.
  • – a marketplace organized in a classified ad format.
  • – a marketplace focusing on independent sellers.

(credit to Rochell from for this list.)

Once you have picked the appropriate marketplaces to list your products, don’t forget to submit your products to Google so that they can be listed in the search tool’s Shopping results. These marketplaces will greatly increase your product’s opportunity for exposure and will send you well on your way to selling success.

And REMEMBER – if you need some real guidance and/or coaching or mentorship to grow your physical products business into a multi million dollar business quickly, I suggest check out my consulting and coaching services here, as I would be happy to help you succeed!

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