Neat TRICK to Double your profits when selling on JVZOO

Today, I have a nice little case study for you, where I was able to change just one thing, that took me less than 10 seconds, and it turned out that I doubled my traffic and almost doubled my amount of sales for my product as well.

Not sure how many of you listed a product in JVZOO, but you now have an option to give the customer discount if he shares your launch on FB. Its just a button on order page that you can click to share on fb, and you get a certain amount discounted from your purchase price.
I tested this yesterday and here is my findings:

I send exactly 287 clicks from my lists to a secret page as test traffic for my Auto FB Marketer 2.0 software product, to test conversions of my product launch. That was the only traffic sent to this page.In JVZOO, I added a $1 discount, if people shared it on FB.

At the end of the day, I got 573 clicks to my offer, and 124 sales!!  (I got more than double the amount of traffic I sent!) This extra traffic could only come from the viral nature of this SHARE option, as most customers will take this deal to save some money, even if its only a little bit.

So you can literally, add this option in 10 seconds in JVZOO, when listing a product, and could get DOUBLE the amount of sales and profits! At the end of the day, if you are selling on JVZOO, add some discount for people that share on FB, you are going to boost your offer a lot, simply giving $1 discount!

Easy way to increase your profits on a launch, without extra effort!!

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