Apology to my Safe-Swaps.com Solo and Swap partners

Just wanted to give an apology to all my swap and solo partners on safe-swaps.com…

I just quickly wanted to apologize and let you that I am NOT doing solos and swaps to my SOLO based lists anymore

The reason for this is that I have recently discovered and joined a system that allows me to make way more money from my list.  I am making 100% recurring commissions promoting this program and the results from my list is pretty amazing. Best thing about this is that you get RECURRING commissions, so I get $25-$97 monthly per every sale I make.  (I have made over $849 recurring income with this in the last week alone.)

The program is still BRAND new, so getting in early is the key.  I am sending this regularly to my lists now and it converts awesomely to our solo based email lists! I am getting 3%-7% conversions, promoting the $25 recurring program and are building up some nice passive residual income now.  There is an $97 upsell that converts at about 15% to my lists, so that is a nice junk of extra income as well.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up. If you want to look into this, make sure you do through the link below, as this is a SPECIAL pre-launch link, that haven’t expired yet, so you get in for ONLY $1. (Don’t share this.)  Also let me know if you have joined, as I give FREE coaching to my team members, and share all my promo tools and swipes.

==> http://bertusengelbrecht.com/go/pureleverageprelaunch/

Just wanted to show you some proof as well, of how this is doing for me…


(let me know if you have any questions.)


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